Yoga Studio Namaste

Welcome, enjoy your stay!

Price per month*:

(The prices quoted below are subject to annual price increase and may be updated as and when required)




Twice a week

  R  350 per month



(once a week)

  R  220 per month


Private class 

(once a week)

  R1200 per month


Please note that your monthly payment is in advance and is due on the 28th of each month.


Please enquire if you wish to pay for classes per term (every 4 months) - classes are discounted by 10% when attending two or more classes per week with this option, i.e. R350 x 4 months = R1400 less 10% = R1260 (plus R70 joining fee) = R1330. This works out to R315 per month for two classes per week. This discounted package is not refundable and is in place as an incentive for long term attendance and commitment to practice as well as offering an affordable option to serious students


*A once off joining fee of R70 is to be added to your first payment. Payment of monthly fees is in advance - due no later than the 28th of each month and is effective until a month's notice is received. If the four month option is taken, a one month notice period is required at the end of the third month.


Bank details for EFT payment will be supplied to you on enquiry and subject to receipt of a firm booking being made. 


Please ensure that you add your name and surname as reference when making payment.


Only eft (electronic funds transfer) payments please - I do not accept cash and request that you do not do a cash deposit as this attracts unnecessary additional charges for my account.