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Welcome, enjoy your stay!



Welcome to Yoga Studio Namaste' - enjoy your stay.

Yoga Studio Namaste' is situated on the East Rand, in Freeway Park, Boksburg. The studio is large enough to accommodate approximately 24 students per class. Classes are run on Tuesdays and Thursdays with one session in the morning and two in the evening (Please refer to the Schedule page for more info on the times. Classes are attended twice a week and I no longer offer once a week classes as this creates imbalance in the sessions for those who are attending twice a week.

There are only a few places left in the evening classes and, if you wish to join, please enquire as to availability. All you will need is a yoga mat, a water bottle and your very best attitude. Please also ensure that you are fit enough to start classes and if you have any health concerns, to advise me of these so that I can make the necessary adjustments to your practice. Although it's not a gym workout there are times when we stretch and move and you need to work at your own pace rather than keep up with those who have been here a while.

Many people ask about starting in a beginner class - in this regard we are all beginners, myself included. If an asana is too advanced for you, you are to adjust your practice according to your ability. Some of us are at yoga to limber up and stay healthy, some are here to lose weight and keep muscles strong and lean (you'll also need to have a look at your food intake and lifestyle if you're wanting to lose weight). Others still are here to zone out for one hour and have some valuable "me time."  And then there are those who have joined Yoga Studio Namaste' to learn how to honour the temple of their bodies in order to learn awareness, mindfulness and integrity. Whatever reason you attend, you will be able to work on your physical, mental,  wellbeing. Please remember, yoga is not competitive even though you may have been in a class before now where everyone's a super expert, super fit and you may have felt intimidated - this does not happen at Yoga Studio Namaste'.  You are not meant to 'work out' as you do in a gym and you are meant to focus on your own health. Each yoga asana (pose) has a far deeper meaning than the ability to fold into a pretzel and be super-flexible. Yoga asanas (poses) also heal the body internally via many systems including the lymphatic system, the musculature, your fascia, your circulatory system, your digestive system, the adrenals and thyroid, etc. etc.

You are here for your own progress and your personal best is also a personal milestone as your body becomes stronger and more flexible. You will find that each person attending a yoga class is so busy ensuring they are executing an asana in their own unique way that they do not even notice your practice.  It's good to know you're not on show and, if anything, you will be championed and encouraged by others when your body shifts to a new place of flexibility.

While I know that the practice of yoga is meant to be a serious pursuit, I feel that it's important that we stay lighthearted, and attendees at Yoga Studio Namaste' know not to take things too seriously. Your body likes to exercise and feel good rather than push itself to the limits. Have a look around the gym next time you visit and look at the agonized or zoned out expressions on people's faces and assess for yourself whether your body and mind are being synergistic. Yoga brings on the feel good endorphins as you stretch and move ~ a really good way to keep your mind and body attuned.

Please note that I also run a Meditation Class on Mondays from 18h30 to 19h30. This session is open to regular attendees of the yoga sessions. Please enquire about this weekly session if you only wish to join Meditation and not partake in yoga.




Marian - Yoga Instructor


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